• Stoja home assistance

    With STOJA home assistance your living, planning and moving will get easier.
We work with a team of carefully selected professionals so we can offer you all you need in the field of real estate: moving, maintenance, cleaning, architectural planning and interior designing.
With STOJA you can easily find the right help and professional assistance to make your home comfortable.  
As a client of Stoja Real Estate Agency you are offered special benefits and privileges for services of our professionals.
Trust our professionals with your wishes and enjoy the benefits of STOJA home assistance.

ATRI Architectural Studio

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Vatovec d.o.o.

Moving service

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a.design Andreja Remih, s.p.

Interior designing and planning

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Janez Hribar s.p.

Planning, transportation and installation of Ikea furniture

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Bistveno več kot salon notranje opreme

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Harvey Norman

Quality furniture

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Zavarovalnica Sava


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Rent informations

Usually owners demand so called caution-money in amount of one or two - month's rent. This caution-money will be returned to Lessee at the end of renting period. The Lessee must pay the caution before entering the house. The payments for rent are to be paid monthly or with prepayment. In the rent mentioned above are not included facility expenses, like: oil or gas for heating, electricity, water, telephone, TV connection, gardening etc. Those expenses are to be paid by Lessee separately.

Other datas

In the mediation of the rental or lease of a real estate, the real estate agency has the right to a commission fee amounting two monthly rents plus VAT. The real estate ageny is entitled to a commission fee of two monthly rents plus VAT when it mediates on behalf of both clients (the Lessor and the Lessee) and the payment of the commission fee is agreed with both clients. The commission fee is divided so that each client (the Lessor and the Lessee) pays for half of the total sum. In this case, the costs of the compilation of the residential lease are included in the commission fee.


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