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Slovenia Real Estate search tips is a higly specialised search engine for Slovenia's real estate market. Here you can find property of your interest in a quick and effective manner.

There are four main categories available to search by on the site: Houses, Apartments, Business premises and Land. In each of these categories you can choose between real estate available for rent or for sale. Beside these you can also check out Stoja real estate agency offers for hiring and buying property.

First category available for browsing through is Houses. If you have specific knowledge about the house property you are interested in dealing with, you have the possibility of limiting your search results by type. That can be simply achieved by checking checkboxes of the house types you would like to include in your search. House types available are: Detached, Terraced, Atrium, Semi-detached, Two family house, Duplex, Triplex and Other.

The second available main category is Apartments and Flats. Available apartment types are: Single room, Studio, One room, 1.5 rooms, 2 rooms, 2.5 rooms, 3 rooms, 3.5 rooms, 4 rooms, 4.5 rooms, 5 or more rooms, Suite and Other.

Beside private properties, a wide offer of Business premises is available on, Retail-foodstuffs, Retail-other, Services, Pub, restaurant, bar, Workshop, Warehouse, Consulting room and Others are possible Business premise types to check in this category.

If you're interested in slovenian land, there are also several types available to include or exclude in your search: Construction plot, Plot not classified for construction, Farm, Agricultural plot and Other.

Before you press the search button, you can also set criteria for the sorting order. Real estate offers can be sorted by size, by location, by type, by price or by code.


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